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Founded by a technology lover with a keen understanding of the real threat to the nation’s financial sector, critical infrastructure, and government services, NKrypt was formed to provide unique security solutions for our clients. Our projects are lean and address process, technology, and security architecture requirements. We’ve led these programs in the government and understand the importance of innovation, clear outcomes, and value. 

Because of our experience we are prepared to help our clients build the projects that will allow them to introduce emerging and disruptive technologies into their enterprise securely while transforming their business operations.

Neil Kittleson

CEO & Founder

Neil Kittleson has spent the last 25 years in the military, intelligence community, and business world building his knowledge of security solutions and the technology which delivers them. In every situation, he is driven by possibility, always seeking to better the product, team and company partners, unabashedly drilling to the core to seek the story and benefit at the heart of the concept. 


He is known for translating complex ideas and “tech-speak” into relatable, digestible bites of English for everyone; he can explain both the technology behind solutions as well as the reason it should matter you. As talented as he is at this, he is equally gifted in collaboration and drawing out the best in others, bringing practicality and directness to strategy roadmaps and forging solutions for today’s most important disruptive technologies. 


Neil spent 10 years at the National Security Agency, where, in his last role, he was the senior executive responsible for the Nation’s code generation and production capacity. In other words, he created the products often referred to as the “nuclear button.” Prior to that he held a number of strategic roles, collaborating with industry to improve and deliver commercial security products and standards, protecting classified communications for the US and our allies. 

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